Friday, March 20, 2009

A Little Birthday Card

Here's a real quick birthday card I made for my husband's grandson. His birthday party is in a couple of weeks and I thought this turned out really cute. It was just some scraps I found laying around as I was getting ready for craft day tomorrow at church. I need to be asleep right now, but had to get things out and ready to go for tomorrow. This is my first real crop and I had no idea what to bring so I loaded just about everything. I thought I'd make cards tomorrow for my mother-in-laws mother's day gift, but decided to go with scrapbooking because I'm so far behind and I wouldn't have to take all my ink too. LOL! Hope everyone has a great weekend and I'll try to post some more on Sunday...


Manifestation said...

Thanks Carla Harrah for sharing the Birthday card.So nice indeed.Wish you n all Mom's around the globe a joyful Mother's day ahead.

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Sarah said...

Cute card..the clown is soo sparkly!