Monday, March 23, 2009

Could this be a sign of spring???

We got home from work today and I thought I'd walk around and look at my flowers before going in the house. I was so excited to see that my peach tree was in bloom. Let me tell you a little story about this courageous little tree. LOL! My Mom planted this tree several years ago from a peach pit after she got done eating it. She threw it out the back door into her flower bed along with all the other rubbish. You know what I mean by rubbish; banana peels, potato peels, corn husks, etc. etc. etc. Anyway this little pit started growing right beside her house. Her plan was to dig it up and replant it, but her landlady passed away and the ladies nephew bought the farm. Well, to make a long story short they had to move and I got the tree. Yeah for me! I have had this little baby going on 2 years now and last year it produced 2 peaches. I know that isn't a lot, but I've never had a fruit tree. I was so excited. Now today I see these beautiful blooms and am so excited for this years CROP! LOL!
I do plan on crafting again soon, thought I would today, but there hasn't been enough hours in the day this week. We have even been getting home earlier too. Well Friday is right around the corner and that is definitely a craft night! Plus as an added bonus I don't think we are going anywhere on Saturday so I will be a scrapping fool then too.
Hope everyone had a great Wednesday! Only 2 days to the WEEKEND!!!!!
See ya soon,


Sarah said...

Now that is a lovely sight!

Sarah said...

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