Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!!

It's been about a week since I wrote anything, but with working 10 hours a day at my boring job I don't get to do the stuff I love!! :( Well we went to our friends house tonight to ring in the new year and we were home by 10:30. Ha Ha! We had a lot of fun though. We watched a movie, ate pizza, and played a couple of games. Tomorrow is a big day though, because my friend gave me a homemade gift card for Hobby Lobby!! She has done this once before and it was a gift card for Close To My Heart!. That was before I became a consultant. Anyway she took a 12x12 page and dolled it up and made a pocket on it and stuck $30 in it. It said Hobby Lobby gift card so I guess I'll be forced to use it there. Ha! Ha! Well I haven't got to do any artwork this week, but tomorrow is 2009 and I hope to keep my promise to myself and make something creative everyday. So here's to you and yours, Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year!!
Happy Bloggin'

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Just a quick note to tell everyone Merry CHRISTmas! It's really early in the morning and everyone is asleep. I'm sure we will be getting up in about an hour to see if SANTA came last night! I'm so excited. He's pretty good to me every year. I wonder what I got this year!! I hope he brings me a Cuttlebug! Here's a Christmas card I made this year. It's out of the Evensong Paper packet from CTMH. The stamp sets used are Annotations and Evergreen. Also used some clear sparkles. The inks are New England Ivy and Cranberry. Everything is from CTMH. This is the first year that I have made all my Christmas cards and I felt really satisfied with what I made. I even had a few people tell me they thought they were store bought. WOW! What a compliment. I never think my stuff is good enough, but everyone that received a card really likes it. Now I think I'll make a box of cards for my mother-in-law for mother's day. I think she'll really like it. She loves to send cards. Well I guess that's it for today. I'll post some Christmas pictures tomorrow. Have a great day!

Merry CHRISTmas and Happy Bloggin'

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sweet Blog Candy

It is cold cold cold here today, but no snow. The wind is blowing and it is about 7 degrees, but no SNOW. I think I've said in a earlier blog that if it is going to be cold we need snow. We never seem to get any.BOOHOO! :( So what do you do on the first day of winter with a sick child? Rest and watch Christmas shows on TV. While watching TV I thought I'd do some blog surfing and this is what I found. A great blog candy contest. Go to this blog and leave a comment and link the contest to your blog and your entered to win. Just thought I'd put this up real quick, because I've got to give a dose of Tylenol pretty soon.So I better go.
Merry CHRISTmas and Happy Bloggin'

Saturday, December 20, 2008

DH's cute Bethlehem card

Hey all just wanted to share this card with you all. My little girl is running a fever today and she and I were taking a nap when my DH decided to use some of my left over scraps to make this card. It really surprised me and my little girl when we woke up from our nap. He said the mail man had came again and left this card. LOL. He really is a great man. The reason for making the card was he was waiting for the battery on his drill to charge so he could work on our recliner and he said he was bored. This is not the first time he has paper crafted. When I first started scrapbooking 4 years ago he cut out a bunch of shapes that he thought looked like fall leaves for e to use on a page. When I wasn't looking he laid out the page and thought it looked great. Needless to say I used his shapes because I thought it was cute the way he wanted to get involved. For this card he used CTMH Boom-Di-Ada Creative Basics, Bethlehem stamp set, Hollyhock CS, Graden Green brads, and a strip of Evensong Creative Basics.

Card for Francesca

I seen a sketch challenge on Sparkle's blog the other day and I thought I'd play along. At first I thought I'd do a birthday card and make the circles into balloons, then I came across another blog that was offering blog candy for a cause ( I'll post the site at the end of this post). I thought this was such a better idea than a birthday card as this little girl needs our prayers. The card is for her family to let them know that my family and I are praying hard for this little one. I know we are miles apart and I do not even know this child's family, but God does and if God does then so do I. If you get a chance go to the site and read all about Francesca and her fight for life. Keep her and her family in your prayers and thoughts daily. With God all things are possible and he will heal her. God be with each of you and have a blessed day.
Merry CHRISTmas and Happy Bloggin'

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Back To Work... :(

Well I went back to work today after being off for a month due to a back injury. It was hard, but I did it. I really missed being with Kas all day, but I have to make money to support my habit. Ha Ha! After we got home I decided that I needed to make some more Christmas cards for my co-workers then my DH said he needed about 8 to 10 for his co-workers. So I set out to make these cutey patotey's real quick. Thank goodness for the CTMH bulletin boards. These are really quick and easy to make. I used the holiday creative basics from last year, colonial white cardstock, November Stamp of the month "All Decked Out",Ponderosa Pine &Cranberry ink. Well that's about it for the night, I need to get some rest because 4 am comes around pretty quick. :(
Merry CHRISTmas and Happy Bloggin'

Monday, December 15, 2008

Majorie's Color Challenge #43

Well I had so much fun doing the color challenge last week I thought I'd try again this week. I had the "BOX" man come today (that's what Kassidee calls the UPS man) and he brought me some new thing to play with. Don't you just LOVE the "box" man. Ha Ha! I got my December stamp of the month. I don't ever make Valentine's, but I need to get this set to show my customers. With the colors Marjorie picked this week I decided to go a bouquet of flowers. I used tulip for the flowers by first and second generation stamping and used the topiary for the swirls and stems. I first and second generation stamped them also. I also added prism glitter to every other flower petal and the sentiment. I added some buttons for a little more pop. I seen a card like this on the Close to my Heart consultant bulletin board and thought it was avery good idea, so I decided to lift it. I can't remember which consultant it was that made it, but I love the idea using the flowers like that. Sometimes I am creatively challenged. Ha Ha! I finally go back to work tomorrow so I won't get as much creative time, but I am still going to try for something creative a day in 2009.
Merry CHRISTmas and Happy Bloggin'

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Another Day of Shopping

Well James and I went shopping today with his brother and sister in law. They totally crack me up. This is the first trip in I don't know when that we went anywhere with any kids. It was so much fun. We went to several different places and spent a total of $8. I think they spent $13. What big spenders we are with only 12 days left until Christmas. Ha Ha! When we got home I decided to be a little creative so I did these pages. I used the Perfect Day paper and Stickease from Close to my Heart. I didn't really like this paper at first but somehow I've used 2 packages of it. The brads are from Spare Parts and Doodlebug Designs. I think in 2009 I will try to do something creative everyday. Whether it be cards or pages maybe I'll finally get caught up. Well I need to get off the computer and go to bed. Sunday school starts at 9:30 and it will be here before you know it.

Merry Christmas and Happy Bloggin'

Friday, December 12, 2008

Fantastic Friday!!

Hello cyber gals and guys.. I know I didn't get a post in yesterday, but had to do Christmas cards. Finally got them done and then we had to watch Horton hears a who. Kas loved it. It was really late when it was over though, but we slept in pretty late. I did get to be creative today though I finished up my girl layout for the It's all about the Cricut swap. I just hope it's good enough. I feel like my work isn't as good as some of the talented ladies whose blogs I read daily. I do get inspiration from them though. Kassidee and James made some cookies tonight too, but they won't be around long enough for Santa. Ha Ha! Hope everyone had a fantastic Friday and is looking forward to a great weekend.

Happy Bloggin'

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mommy Scrap's Color Challenge #42

Ok so I've been very intrigued by all these color challenges Mommy Scrap's does. So I thought I would get my creative juices flowing and see if I could come up with something for this challenge. It has three of the five colors like she said in the rules. I used Chocolate, Crystal Blue and Outdoor Denim. I thought this might be a good birthday card for one of my friends who has a birthday on Monday. Hope you enjoy this. Have a good night...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Shopping.... DONE!!

Well Kassidee and I went to town today and finished up Christmas shopping. Now for the fun part.... the wrapping. YUCK! That is the worst thing about Christmas I think. I really do not like that part of the whole thing. Maybe a little elf will come and do it for me. Ha Ha! I also took 3 tests today that weren't as hard as I thought they would be. I'm just glad my classes are over for this semester... Anyway, on to the more fun stuff. I made this page for a swap I am currently in. It's all about the Cricut Swap. I used the Doodletype and Doodlecharms cartridges for this project. I used the Rustic Trail paper packet from Close to my Heart. To bad it's retiring this year. I just love it. Of course my little girl is such the ham. So I needed to take her picture too. Hope you enjoy.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Can I help Ya???

Well today I probably heard that about 400 times today. Kassidee always wants to help do anything you are doing and you can't help, but say yes. She is a very energetic little 4 year old. Last night I was finishing up some pages for a my first swap I've participated in and she wanted to help do everything. She cut all my circles out on the cricut for me and did it very willingly. Hopefully it will always be this way, but somehow I doubt it. She stayed up with me as long as she could, but finally had to go crawl in bed. Today however she helped her daddy put the Christmas decorations out. Like I said she always wants to help do anything your doing. That's about all for today. Tomorrow hopefully we can get some Christmas cookies made. YEAH YEAH! I just love baking for the holidays. Hope everyone had a good day today.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

18 days til Christmas!!!

Well only 18 days left til Christmas and I finally got my advent calendar done. I had a lot of help from my little girl too she punched out all the snow flakes and glittered them for me too. She loves to help anyway she can. She is so awesome. This is a picture of the final project. I think it turned out pretty good. This is the first time I have ever made an altered item and really didn't know how to do it, but I asked some really creative ladies on the CTMH bulletin board how the decorate the My Creations Artboard and they were so nice looking. I just hope mine can stand up to theirs. That's about all for today. Hope you stop by again soon.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Really New to Blogging

Ok so here goes it. I have been looking at all these other blogs and thinking I should start one. Well I did it!! I'm not real sure what to write so I'll tell you about my day. I woke up this morning and found out we had a dusting of snow last night. YEAH!! Because if it's going to be cold we need snow. I knew my little girl would love it too, but our dogs not so much because they have never seen snow, because this is their first winter with us. My husband came into the bedroom to get the dogs to put them out and laughed so hard when he was watching them. I love it when he laughs. It is infectious!! We went to town later in the day and sign up for the Lose to Win contest that starts in January sponsored by a local hospital and YMCA. I'm sure that will be a lot to blog about in the next couple of months. I hope to post some of my artwork before long and feel free to comment on anything.
Thanks for stopping by,